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About Boonedocks.com

Boonedocks.com is a place where readers and writers of all ages and abilities—writing in all styles and genres—can meet in a supportive environment: a free online literary conclave. Anyone who likes to write (and those who don’t but must) can use Boonedocks.com as a revision and editorial tool to help improve their work.

Boonedocks.com is owned and operated by a father/son/son team—all avid readers and writers—with assistance from a gifted programmer who loves nothing more than spending hours and hours solving complex coding problems.

For now, Boonedocks.com is a very small operation. Be patient with us. If you contact us we will always get back to you—it just may not be immediate.

As Boonedocks.com grows, it will probably evolve. However, standard user accounts will always be free.

Note to Readers:

Anyone can read posts at Boonedocks.com—no account is required. We welcome readers of all ages* and hope that our participating writers’ endeavors will result in many hours of reading enjoyment. Readers who want to provide feedback to writers (in the form of comments at the end of posts) will need to create a Boonedocks.com account. Accounts are private. We do not knowingly engage in any kind of spamming. We do not track, data farm, or sell our users’ personal information.

Note to Writers:

Once you have created your free account (required), you may post your writing on Boonedocks.com. We welcome all styles and genres of writing** from writers of all age groups.

We will not publish your writing anywhere other than on Boonedocks.com unless we have your written permission. We cannot prevent or protect against third-party plagiarism, but Boonedocks.com will never be a willful party to plagiarism. Please take a moment to read our Terms of Use.

Once you make a post, your writing will be read, rated and possibly critiqued by our audience. We allow all registered Boonedocks.com users to comment on your writing as long as the feedback is civil and supportive. You should expect to receive constructive criticism. We do not allow personal attacks, hateful bombast, or brutish behavior. There is a “Report Troll” link at the bottom of every post window; offensive comments will be redacted or deleted, and repeat offenders will have their accounts terminated. Our one basic rule is: try to be supportive, and always BE CIVIL.

*Boonedocks.com allows writing for mature audiences. Every writer who makes a post is required to rate his/her post based on common rating systems. Posts that are rated mature are clearly marked. Please promptly report any mature posts that are not properly rated by clicking the “Report Ratings Violation” link at the bottom of the post window.

**Boonedocks.com reserves the right to delete any posts that are deemed to be intentionally hateful, hurtful, pornographic and/or devoid of literary merit. We realize that this is subjective; however, if you feel the need to express your vitriolic hatred of an individual or group, we suggest you find a different venue. At Boonedocks.com, hateful posts (and user accounts) will be deleted. There are thousands of websites that allow and even encourage hate speech; this is not one of them.

Writers who post mature content are required to properly rate their submissions; violating posts will be deleted and repeat offenders will lose their accounts.