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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a website where writers may post their work for public perusal and commentary or critique. It is a writers’ conclave, ideally a place where people help writers of all skill levels to improve their craft.

Who may post at

Any registered user may post at To create an account, a user must be thirteen years of age or older. User accounts are free. User accounts can be created from our homepage, or simply create an account right now.

What may I post at

You may post your own writing. accepts any kind of writing that doesn’t violate our Posting Guidelines. Please read them before you post for the first time. You may write on any topic using any style under any genre to any audience. Essays, letters, reviews, short stories, novellas, novels, poems, etc., whatever you feel like writing and posting is acceptable.

There is no minimum or maximum post length, but we do ask you to be reasonable. For instance, posting a single word or sentence is probably insufficient and possibly pointless. On the other hand, posting a one million word essay is probably equally pointless since very few (if any) people will want to read the entire post.

Do not post anything that plagiarizes or violates anyone’s copyright! If you do, your post (and possibly your user account) will be deleted.

NOTE: Erotica is allowed as long as it does not violate our Posting Guidelines. Erotica must be tagged as Mature content and is restricted to adult audiences (18 years of age or older).

You may (and are encouraged to) post comments to the writings of others. If you choose to comment on or critique someone’s writing, please be civil and constructive. If you can’t post anything helpful in a civil manner, then please refrain from posting altogether.

You may post up to five images per post as long as the images relate to your topic. Images must belong to you or they must be open source. Do not post copyrighted images; if you do, your post will be deleted. Do not post pornography; it will be deleted.

Why is there a post rating system?

The rating system is intended to encourage and identify good writing. Additionally, it enables readers to search for the best writers on any given subject.
After you have read a person’s post, please rate it from one to five stars:

one star Post is poorly written and/or has no appeal or relevance.
two stars Post requires significant revision and/or has dubious appeal or relevance.
three stars Post requires moderate revision and/or has adequate appeal or relevance.
four stars Post requires very little revision and/or has above average appeal or relevance.
five stars Post requires no revision and/or has exceptional appeal or relevance.

When rating someone’s writing, please be honest and accurate. Please do not rate good writing low because you don’t agree with its content. On the other hand, do not rate bad writing high because you support its content. If you feel that you cannot be fair and impartial, please abstain from rating.

What happens to my writing once I post it on

When you post your writing on, it is stored in our database. It will show up on our homepage in the “Recent Posts” section, where the fifty most recent posts are displayed. Your post will remain in “Recent Posts” until newer posts push it out of the top fifty. is searchable, so your post will come up whenever someone searches the site using keywords that relate to your topic. Your posts will always be listed in your user panel, and all your posts are listed whenever another site visitor clicks on your username.

Do you ever repost my writing anywhere else?

No, not unless we have contacted you first and have obtained your written permission to do so.

Will you ever sell my writing?

No, not unless we have contacted you first and have obtained your written permission to do so. Your writing is your writing and we respect that without reservation.

Will my writing show up in Google (or other search company) results?

Assuming there is a keywords match, it is entirely possible someone searching on Google (or another search engine) will find your postings. Keep in mind that anything you post anywhere on the Internet could be located via online search tools.

I have a question. How can I get it answered?

Simply send us an email with your question and we will answer it directly and/or on this FAQ page.