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Welcome to!

By admin

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Welcome to!


This is the first post to appear on Hopefully, as word spreads, there will be many, many more. is primarily a website for writers—a meeting place, a writers’ conclave—but everyone is welcome to participate. User accounts are free. If you like to write and would like a place to post your writing and receive feedback, this is the place for you! If you're not big into writing but you love to read, then visit us to read our writers' posts. Who knows, maybe the next great English language writer will hone his/her craft right here on!


We accept all types of writing as long as they don’t violate our Posting Guidelines and Terms of Use. If you want to keep an online blog or journal, we would love for you to keep it here. If you want to post a recipe, an essay, a political diatribe, a proposition, a rebuttal, an argument, a guidebook, a short story, a novel, a song, a poem, a book review, etc. ad infinitum, then do it here.


We welcome writers of all abilities, including second language persons learning to write English. As grows, we hope to court qualified proofreaders and editors to help moderate the site and assist in offering critical reviews on users’ posts.


This is a beta version of the site. We are still testing and improving. There will be bugs. Please let us know if something doesn't work as it should, or if you have any suggestions for how the site could be improved. We welcome your feedback.


Please use the "Rundown" link to find out more information about Also, please join our conclave and begin posting your writing--we look forward to reading your work!




John Boone
Senior Administrator